[Post New]by nataliesmama on Apr 21, 09 8:57 AM

One of my giraffes is wandering around, coughing and with Kopox. How do I cure this disease?


P.S. I tried both a zebra with a shovel and a giraffe with a shovel with no results. The giraffe says the roots look too tight in the soil, and the zebra is not skilled enough.

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[Post New]by Tilia_Linden on Apr 21, 09 9:19 AM
Yes, your zebra must be very skilled for that. If I remember correctly, I a guru zebra with a shovel did the trick.



[Post New]by nataliesmama on Apr 21, 09 9:31 AM
Well, a skilled zebra finally did dig up the roots, but not until the sick giraffe died of Kopox. I'll have to cure the next one




[Post New]by Tilia_Linden on Apr 21, 09 9:43 AM
Well, better luck next time - at least now you have the cure. There will be other diseases, so be prepared with your guru doctor.

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[Post New]by jojoqua on Apr 21, 09 1:37 PM
This one drove me crazy till I finally realized that my guru zebra with the shovel was supposed to be digging up the roots by the konut trees, not the roots under the konut trees! Now I need an elephant to reach guru so I can dig the deep well and then get my trees irrigated! Oh well, (no pun intended) back to the game!

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