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I'm a newbie

[Post New]by idahodogs on Dec 11, 14 9:40 PM
I'm just at level 2 and I'm stuck at the organ. I keep trying to find the roller and the code but I can't figure out what it wants me to do. I can't believe I'm stuck so early in the game. Someone please help.

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Re:I'm a newbie

[Post New]by amybeth714 on Dec 11, 14 9:57 PM
You're not really stuck- you just have to put that on hold for a while. The quests are not in any order and some quests you will get can not even be accomplished by you yet. You can tell over on the left side- if they are darkened out with zzzzzz- you can't get them done yet. Just do the ones that are light- you should be able to click "find" and the game will show you where you need to go to get what you need. This game takes a lot of hunting around and you run out of energy very quick. But it does regenerate fairly quick also. Happy gaming.

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