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Achievement/Puzzles (spoilers) pt. 1

[Post New]by VickiS531 on Apr 21, 09 3:43 PM
Left to right, beginning on top row

Food Storage- First construction project that the tutorial starts you on. If you are playing without the tutorial, it’s the center construction site. Completion allows you to evolve Giraffes. In order to start building, Gorillas/Wobblies must first be equipped with a stick, found at the “Stick Pile” located in the center top.

Water Storage - Should be your second construction project, located just to the left of the Food Storage. Completion allows you to evolve Elephants. Gorillas/Wobblies must first be equipped with a stick to construct.

Tomahawk - Drop Lion onto stick pile, then on top of sharp rocks (top left) to create a tomahawk. Improves fighting ability and is also used by Gorillas in later construction projects.

Hospital - Third construction project, bottom right corner of map. Allows Zebras to research medicines.

Shovel - To create, drop Elephant on stick pile, then onto sharp rocks. Its used by Elephants to dig wells, Giraffes to irrigate/fertilize and by Zebras to loosen Konut Roots.

Well - Three locations only after river has dried up. The first one you should dig is in the “soggy spot” in the middle left side, just between the river and the water storage. Next will be in the middle bottom of the map. You will need "skilled" Elephants to dig here. The third and final well will require “Expert” or “Guru” elephants to dig - but will be worth your while, once dug, you will have no more water problems. It is located in the upper right corner just below and to the left of the “unhealthy Konut trees”.

Fertilizer (Palm Tree with shovel) - Once the river dries up, you will notice a dark patch of dirt just above the puddle of water, equip your Giraffes with a shovel and drop them on that spot. They will start digging up fertilizer. Once they finish (you will see them walking away with a bucket, drop one each on one of the unhealthy Konut trees. Note: You can only treat the smaller ones - the larger trees need a different kind of help.

Continued in Part 2.....

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Re:Achievement/Puzzles (spoilers) pt. 1

[Post New]by jojoqua on Apr 21, 09 4:48 PM
Thank you Vicki!

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