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Achievements/Puzzles Pt. 2

[Post New]by VickiS531 on Apr 21, 09 3:50 PM
Cure for Ebolio (Mortar and Pestle) - First you need to clear the tangled vines from the “Strange Bush” located in the far right center of the map. You will be unable to do that until it matures sometime after the river dries up. Once available, pick up a Zebra and drop him on the Smallberry bush located at the upper left hand corner of the map, then on the “Yaya Flowers” that come from the strange bush. Once you have collected both together, allow the Zebra to return to the Hospital, where he will discover he has the cure for Ebolio.

Weird Wood Things - The first treasure map quest. Once all the pieces of the map are collected, you should notice bluish light shining through cracks in the ground. You may have to zoom out (Z key) to find it easily. Click on that spot to zoom in on it. Use an Elephant, Giraffe, or Zebra to dig up the pattern. Once the pattern is complete, you should notice a small round “Tree Symbol” nearby. Drop a gorilla equipped with a tomahawk on that spot and he will begin collecting supplies. Once all supplies are collected, they will start building the pattern, using the supplies they collected.

Odd Roof - The second treasure map quest.

Wooden Beam - The third treasure map quest.

Siding Slats - The fourth and final treasure map quest. Instructions are the same as #9, except you will need gorillas equipped with hammers to accomplish this task. Only Expert or Guru Gorillas can equip a hammer, which is made by first equipping them with a stick, then dropping them on the Pile of Rock Oblongs.

Idols Finished (Totem Poles) - Complete all three stages of all 5 stone idols. Drop Gorilla/Wobblie equipped with a tomahawk on any one of the stone pillars to start.

Irrigation (Leaves and Water Drop) - Drop Expert Giraffe on the “Very Sick Konut Trees” with a shovel equipped. Giraffe should start digging a trench between the tree and the Very Deep Well. You cannot do this task until the well is complete. Both trees give you 10,000 Konuts, so you should not have any food worries once complete.

Hammer - Drop Expert Gorilla on Stick Pile, then on Pile of Rock Oblongs to make a hammer. Hammer is only needed for Siding Slats, making the Ark and Metal/Nails. It will be useless for any other task.

Continued in Part 3....


Re:Achievements/Puzzles Pt. 2

[Post New]by Moeloe on Apr 21, 09 8:09 PM
Any idea how long it takes for that bush to mature? I've been playing 5 hours. Finished all puzzles except the ark and the ebolia cure. I have guru zebras, cures for the other two illnesses, and all tools and totems completed. I've got the wells, the irrigation system, hospital, and even the metal and nails.

I'm in the process of building the part from the 2nd map and collecting map parts for the 3rd.

Other than building and collecting, the only thing left is for me to find that cure, and all I need there is for that darn bush to grow up.


Re:Achievements/Puzzles Pt. 2

[Post New]by Moeloe on Apr 21, 09 8:18 PM
Well, apparently all you have to do is ask the question, lol.

Right after I posted that question, I got a message that someone was sick with a fever and we needed a new medicine. Suddenly the plant had bloomed and I got the cure.

I still don't know what triggered it - time, other achievements? Anyone know?

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Re:Achievements/Puzzles Pt. 2

[Post New]by chris30s on Apr 22, 09 3:19 AM
Not sure what triggers the illness, but getting the illness is what triggers the mature plant.

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