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Difficulty setting - what it means

[Post New]by lordkalvan on Apr 21, 09 4:06 PM
You can change the difficulty setting at any time. I've played all the way through on the default (middle) setting, and all the way through on the hardest setting, and today I started another game with the easiest setting.

So far at least I haven't noticed any change at all with the minigames other than the very last one (which did indeed get even harder on the hardest setting). As far as I can tell the only differences on the match-3 levels are:
* Auto-advance charging: on easiest I can fully charge this with just two long chains, on hardest it takes FOREVER to charge it
* Auto-advance effect: On default and easiest Cindy moves two tiles. On hardest she moves a single tile.
* Powerup charging: Powerups take a lot longer to charge on hardest setting than they do on default. I haven't needed to use any powerups yet on easiest (due to the easy auto-advance).

I'll add more comments after I finish the game on easiest, when I'll know more about whether it's easier to find long chains on those really hard desert levels when I'm using easiest setting. I didn't notice any difference in that between default and hardest - they were both very hard to find long chains in.

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