I ran out of clay

[Post New]by georges1940 on Dec 13, 14 6:48 AM
In Return to mysterious Island 2 Mina's fate How do I get more clay in my inventory? I'm in the inlet but I need clay for the glass mold but I ran out of clay. I can't get more clay at the place I got some before.
Can anyone help? ?

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Re:I ran out of clay

[Post New]by Hikaru2008 on Mar 7, 15 7:35 PM
I'm having the same problem :/ And I've read it's a bug that you can't sometimes pick up clay more then once.
But there's supposed to be a patch out there for it, anyone got that?

Or got a savefile with the three clays in their inventory and can share?
Preferably from when you get to the inlay so I don't have to repeat too much or miss too much.
But a savefile from before when you get to the inlay is great as well, as long as the three clay is in the inventory! Just so I get to finish this game.

Know it's a pretty old game, but I really want to be able to finish the game. :/

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Re:I ran out of clay

[Post New]by slmky on May 23, 15 6:34 PM
Any resolution on the clay problem? I'm out too.


Re:I ran out of clay

[Post New]by thedeadman782004 on Jul 18, 15 2:05 AM
You should only need to collect the clay once. It gives you 3 lumps of clay the first time which you can use to fire pottery and collect the two molds. When you reach the inlet, Leonard will have tried to steal from you twice, if he took the clay it will be in his tree.

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