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Tips and Tricks for Wild Tribe

[Post New]by bfgBering on Apr 22, 09 9:08 AM
X Marks the Spot – Keep your eyes peeled for map pieces on the island. You will need to drop a tribe member on the map piece to pick it up. There are 4 maps to complete that lead to 4 digsites. All 4 digsites will need to be excavate to complete an important part of the game later.

Two Wobblies = Love – Wobblies can’t breed after they evolve so be sure to always keep at least two Wobblies to populate your tribe. Be careful not to over populate too soon though or you’ll use up all your precious resources.

Space Pause
– The game will keep playing while you are away unless you go to the options menu and pause. When you come back to the game after pausing it will remain stuck in pause until the space bar is used. This is the only way to un-pause the game.

Check for Success – Double click on a character to bring up the character menu. There are six different jobs each tribe member can have which will all be listed in the character menu. If you want a tribe member to keep working on a particular task check the box next to right job for the character. Now they will keep doing this job during the game.

These are just a few idea to help you if you need it while playing Wild Tribe. Feel free to post your own!

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Tips and Tricks for Wild Tribe

[Post New]by mhbrands on Apr 23, 09 11:55 PM
When you have nothing better to do, Zoom out and watch for the bronze tools to show up. Equip every creature with bronze tools that you can! They will work 2 to 3 times faster depending on the strength of the tool. Those tools disappear fast though. I normally hit the space bar (which pauses the game even in zoom mode) and then check to see which creature needs that tool and drag one over there. Even if they were busy, the tool is important and they will go back to their job afterward.

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