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Am I the only one

[Post New]by underwriter on Dec 14, 14 9:21 PM
who was confused by the ending? The very slow slide show did not seem to show events that were consistent with each other to my thinking. But then it was SO slow a lot of fishies may have skipped it.

The hint system - once I figured it out - I quite liked, EXCEPT in the labyrinth. There I really needed help from the forum (BTW thanks everyone). But elsewhere, it made it clear that you put THIS object into a closeup, and you get THAT object out. So, when for instance I couldn't get through the illusory ice - I could use the hint and see, it was because I didn't have the sword. So I could go back to the sword and see what did I need to get it. At that point it was something I had, but if necessary I could have kept backtracking. Most hint systems you can't backtrack, they only take you forward. So I thought this one had its points.

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