Bonus game problem

[Post New]by phawkins on Dec 14, 14 9:21 PM
I am trying to play the bonus game but can't figure out what I'm supposed to do with the hot coal in the HO part. Anybody out there who can help me?


Re:Bonus game problem

[Post New]by memories2 on Jan 1, 15 3:56 PM
I thought the hot coal would melt the wax seal on the door but whenever I try to do that, the tongs drop the coal and go back where they were. I'm stuck on this now.


Re:Bonus game problem

[Post New]by kOoL_aiDe on Jan 1, 15 11:10 PM
If you hold the tongs in the upper 1/3 area of the seal it should melt. I found that I couldn't hold the coal to the seal or the tongs would drop off. But holding the middle part of the tongs in the same area worked. Hope this helps.

P.s. If you have trouble putting out the car fire and figure it out, please let me know. It's making me nuts!

Happy new year


Re:Bonus game problem

[Post New]by Momona808 on Jun 27, 15 9:23 PM
Has anyone figured out how to put out the car fire? If I go to different scenes, the hose follows me!

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