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Time Please

[Post New]by lizdanny on Dec 3, 07 9:48 AM
Help please

When you have played a game in Madam Fate does the accumalated time go to the next game. I ask because the first time I played Madam Fate I seemed to have a lot more time, this time I get 35 minutes every game.
Thank you

Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re: Time Please

[Post New]by cesse47 on Dec 3, 07 10:44 AM
If you play timed mode you get 30-35 minutes. If you play relaxed mode you get 50-60 minutes. be sure to play using same player name so it remembers what hidden objects have been found.


Re: Time Please

[Post New]by manuarastar on Dec 8, 07 5:27 AM
Time is extremely important. Whenever I get a new window with objects to find, I immediately press on (PRINT SCREEN) and PAUSE the game. Then I click on the full screen button to make it smaller. Now that I have access to windows, I open PAINT (start-accessories-paint). Then I paste the picture in Paint. Then I change the size of the picture (VIEW) to make the picture taller. With DRAW I use a large white thick line and the circle. As I find objects I circle them with that thick white circle. When I am through finding the objects, I go back to the game, resume to the full screen and deactivate PAUSE. This way, I save lots of time and aggravation.

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