Bonfire scene.

[Post New]by bonniejeanm on Dec 15, 14 6:44 PM
Can't get this scene. Hint just tells me to go here. I can't make the charcoal recipe because I can't find all the ingredients. The strategy guide show's me the Chief's Hut but I don't find it anywhere.

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Re:Bonfire scene.

[Post New]by crzy4gms on Feb 22, 15 9:21 PM
You cant get to the chief hut until you have your magic pendent back. If you don't have pendent trying clicking right next to Longhorn there is a path up on the right. Go back to where you were captive and finish scene by using blue chalk in cupboard to get first horn. Need both horns Ivory horn and Golden horn once you have recharged pendent and both horns go to where you free the dragon and place the horns in both bears paws to get to hut. Hope this helps.

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