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Loved the game....

[Post New]by biomix on Apr 23, 09 8:13 PM
This was a great game. All of the puzzles were totally different from one another.
The items were very difficult to find which is a nice feature. What's the fun in finding objects easily.
I did get a couple of glitches. One when I was in the subway searching for photos. I got a 'runtime error'. So I exited from another site I was looking at and that fixed the problem. I did have to restart the game a couple of times from scratch but if you are going to play a game until the end in one session, then it shouldn't be a problem.
I have to say the music was a little annoying so I turned it way down.
I would play this game again.

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Re:Loved the game....

[Post New]by MEnr56 on Jun 4, 12 1:14 AM

While I agree that the puzzles were unique and MOST of them enjoyable to figure out, I did NOT like the EXTREME difficulty in finding the hidden objects and I particularly did not enjoy the fact that the game would NOT save.

After playing the trial and completing 3 levels and started on the 4th, I had to purchase the game BUT upon immediate purchase and returning to said game, I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN! I do NOT like my time wasted like that.


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