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Grimm's Hatchery

[Post New]by Ag46 on Apr 24, 09 1:10 PM
I am trying to find out if anyone knows exactly how many creatures you need to feed all at once in order to have enough points for the last level. I can manage to get to the last level but I run out of time and I hardly have any points to buy the creatures in this level never mind take back the castle.


Re:Grimm's Hatchery

[Post New]by MarleeAma on Aug 25, 09 1:43 PM
It's easier to win on the easy level simple because there are more days to complete the goal. I have won on medium and insane multiple times without buying the last hatchery. If I still feel like playing I choose to keep the farms and then I earn enough money to buy the last hatchery and purchase pets.

The strategy I use is to have 10 of each animal minus the magic geese and the red dragonfly's in the 3rd hatchery. I have 10 purple dragons, 10 ruby gryphons and 10 icebirds. I click on all the eggs I can and when I finally run out of time I simply sell all the eggs. It's a much safer bet than trying to hatch eggs and selling the resulting pet. In most cases you'll get more money from selling the eggs over hatching and selling pets.

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