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Well I bought it...

[Post New]by SpookyPigdog on Apr 24, 09 5:41 PM
I had some trouble starting the game; it opens with all the graphics askew, and I have to minimise it and then maximise it, and then it sets itself to my screen size and is clear and ok.

But the gameplay is good with no bugs, and some skill involved in flipping the fish into the boat to avoid predators or the pelican. Sure, it's levelled at the kids, but the fish and characters are big and cartoony, and entertaining. And it's not so easy; trying to fish out enough fish to get into the final with electrical eels, sharks and things making life difficult.

It's not as elegant graphically as the Miner games - but its not as infuriating or finicky either. The car and caravan between games is a nice touch instead of waiting for a bar to extend, and the map with the different events is nice too.

Some say this is an old game. Well, as I only "fish" at Bigfish, it's new to me. Just because they're old, doesn't mean they're bad. At least give the trial a go.

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