[Post New]by JHough1075 on Apr 24, 09 8:00 PM
I need to know how to cure the illness know as FEVER?



[Post New]by JHough1075 on Apr 24, 09 8:16 PM
To cure Fever. You need to get Doctor (Zebra) At Guru Level with a shovel. To the flower covered in thorny roots next to StoneLeadge Looking Thing. The stones you to make a hammer. It call a Yaya Flower. Then Doctor will take some flowers to make a cure.

Yes I answer my own question. But I thought it might help some if they get stuck like I did.



[Post New]by pikameta on Apr 26, 09 4:52 PM
I have a guru doctor with a shovel and it keeps saying "this plant needs to mature first" has anyone else seen this? Why can't i pick the flower?

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[Post New]by chris30s on Apr 27, 09 7:28 AM
You won't be able to pick it -- it won't be mature -- until someone actually gets a fever, then you can pick them to cure it.

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