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craven purple moon

[Post New]by theswede on Dec 18, 14 4:37 PM
hey everybody if you get to where you have the wand of dominion and the earth emblem you won't go any where the man on the dock who takes you to light house
says you need a weapon ?? well the wand is the weapon also my hint stopped working I e-mailed the people who make the game. well there fix won't work cause you can't get out of the town so i'm not sure what to tell you, if you get a fix for the problem please post it.
the swede


Re:craven purple moon

[Post New]by braillecode4 on Dec 30, 14 11:30 AM
I finished the game and found it to be one of the best games yet. I had no tech issues. Hint button worked just fine. I found the intro stunning. It had Inventory lock which I like better than the up and down that distracts me. The graphics were clear and beautiful. Voices were great and lots of interaction in HO and games. I recommend this game.

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