Heroes of Solitairea

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Dec 19, 14 4:14 PM
I was finally able to get the demo of this game to open and decided to purchase it. I am enjoying the game play and have progressed past what seems to be the halfway point in the game. So far, this one seems to be providing for me a very pleasant balance of "not to easy and not too hard". I have several other solitaire games in my collection... some of them are so extremely challenging that it takes the fun out of playing them. Hopefully, as I move farther into the second half of the game it won't get so challenging that it is no longer fun for me.

The one thing I hope the developers change in any future games they release is their set-up for the volume. I turned the volume in this game to a lower setting almost immediately upon opening it. But whenever I exit the game and re-enter it, the sound in the game blares out loudly. Even with the sound turned completely off in the game, it does the same thing. I strongly feel that the developers should allow the volume setting/settings the purchaser of the game chooses to control those levels for the entire game... EVEN THE OPENING.

Young parents who like to relax with a game while their children are asleep will not appreciate having the blaring volume of the opening of the game waking up the little ones.

Folks shouldn't have to turn their speakers down or off for something like this. The settings in the game should be capable of handling the issue.
Just saying . . .

Otherwise, I give the game .


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