Exactly how many levels?

[Post New]by OrionsRose on Dec 20, 14 5:25 PM
I've always bought my Delicious games from the devs (as probably most of us Delicious super-fans have) and gotten the Premium Edition with the extra levels which usually contained 50-60 levels along with some other bonus stuff sometimes. Now I finally have the option to buy the game from BF (yay!) but I want to make sure this edition really is the fullest possible edition.
So could someone please tell me exactly how many levels there are to this CE and what other bonuses are included?
And if anyone knows, is this the exact same edition that's being offered by the original Delicious game site?



Re:Exactly how many levels?

[Post New]by Persistent_Cat on Dec 20, 14 5:56 PM
From what I can see, there appears to be six stages with 10 levels each. The first logo screen is Big Fish's (which is pretty easy to add) and the next one is for **** and in the corner, it says "Developed by Blue Giraffe." If what I just wrote gets redacted, it was developed by the tallest animal and it's blue.

I don't know if this helps. I'll be annoyed if this isn't the full game that's available elsewhere. BF has done that before.

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Re:Exactly how many levels?

[Post New]by blackbirdess on Dec 21, 14 4:52 AM
I've bought the platinum edition with the extra levels so there are 6 restaurants with 10 levels each, 60 in total...however if the BF version isn't going to include the 'bonus' last restaurant then there are only 50 levels.

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Re:Exactly how many levels?

[Post New]by Howatch on Dec 21, 14 8:06 AM
It looks to me like the extra 10 levels are included - and I doubt they could call the game a Collector's Edition without them.

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