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Stuck after pulleys

[Post New]by BayGal65 on Dec 22, 14 10:29 PM
This is an odd little game, but I'm into it and don't want to give it up - but it has given ME up. I did the weighing puzzle, got the statue, the pulleys are all set, and now I am dead in the water. I still have the basket, gold statue and three pieces of stone that look like part of another statue (one is a hand).

I am standing outside the pulley room, the Double Gates are still closed, and there is nothing that I can do now. I have clicked everywhere, and nothing is active. I have tried clicking my various inventory items around. Nothing. I have checked my MAP and all areas are checked green except the Double Gates. I have looked up the WT but it says nothing about being stuck here. In fact, the WT is next to useless.

I have two game locations accessible to me:

I. In the room where I can see the double gates through a window (but my character says, "It is impossible to go through now.").

2. Back to the room with the pulleys on the wall.

That is it. Is this a buggy game or what? If I query the Hint system it says replace the statue in the hole in the wall, or something like that, but I cannot get to that room. What are my options?

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