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Puzzle help plea

[Post New]by oliversgranny on Dec 24, 14 5:45 AM
This is a plea to anyone who has managed to complete the puzzle after you place the statues and they go down that has the tiles you swap round
I am determined to finish as this is the one puzzle that I just cannot complete
No matter what technique I use i end up with 2 in the wrong place.

i would be most gratful if anyone can put me out of my misery
instead of wrapping pressies I am swapping tiles and that is just not good!



Re:Puzzle help plea

[Post New]by Darek_Rusin on Dec 29, 14 11:10 AM
Hi Wendy,

Darek from Orchid Games here, authors of this game. You know, there are those teenagers who call themselves "hardcore gamers"... Pffft... they just can't hold a candle to you. You are the true hardcore! We're in awe of your patience and willingness to do whatever it takes

Our designer was looking into this today, searching for a way to help you solve this puzzle, but in the end he wasn't able to produce a bulletproof tutorial This is the hardest minigame in Graven, that's for sure. But it's doable!

One thing you might try is googling for "15 puzzle solution". It's a similar game to what we have, perhaps you'll find some help there.

Sorry I can't help you more


Re:Puzzle help plea

[Post New]by CrissM1231 on Jan 19, 15 8:47 AM
I'm stuck on the same puzzle...wish there was a video tutorial on it, then it wouldn't be still stumping me after almost 3 hours

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