Rings under the elephants

[Post New]by LINNY2976 on Apr 30, 09 5:40 AM
I've read through the walkthrough and did exactly as it says when it comes to pushing the rings. I followed the order and the only thing that happens is the 2 & 6 ring turn blue. I can't get any further than that. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Re:Rings under the elephants

[Post New]by kishimojun on Apr 30, 09 5:43 AM
It's sort of a match thing. Click on all the elephants and note the eye color. Then click one on the right and the one of the same eye color on the left. Repeat for the remaining two colors.
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Re:Rings under the elephants

[Post New]by rocketsauce on Apr 30, 09 9:56 AM
The elephants also make 3 different noises, from what I've heard. You can match the noises, but don't have your speakers up too loud! I'm playing it at work and my clients give me odd looks when they hear the elephants trumpet!

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