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Re:Apple Pie - Released on July 20, 2008

[Post New]by sillyfeet on Jul 20, 08 8:08 PM
This is not my typical game, but I gave it a whirl today and found it to be a pleasant game to play. Probably not one that I will buy, but for you match 3 lover's you'll probably enjoy this one.

Good points:
There's more to do than match 3.:
* After each round you are taken to your resteraunt to use your earnings to upgrade. You can also buy items on your menu and after you purchase all "parts" of the item (i.e. all 4 slices of pie) then you have to swap them around to put them in the right order and increase the "likeability" of your resteraunt (sorry, don't know the exact term they used).
*There are also spots where you have to match certain items to find pieces of a postcard. For example, if a square is outlined in red, then you have to match 3 red items over that square and you will get a piece of the postcard. After all postcard pieces are picked up then you play a mini-game where you swap tiles to put the picture together.
*Both of these mini-games (buying menu items and swapping the pieces to get them in the right order, finding pieces of the postcard) help break up the typical monotony of match 3 games.
*The levels do get harder as you go on. The shape of the board changes making it necessary to envision 2 or 3 moves ahead to get all your tiles to fall right and clear the board before time runs out.
*You can get special items (i.e a knife) that will take away one tile, enabling you to clear that last hard to get to square. I am not sure exactly what you have to do to get these special items.

What I didn't like:
* It is still a match 3, which is just not my style, and it is essentially doing the same thing round after round (but then again, you could say that about HO games too). But if you like the match 3 style of game then you will probably enjoy this one.
*Whenever you win an award (i.e. 50 matches in X amount of time) it immediately stops the match 3 play and takes you to your trophy room to see the award. I would have preferred that it wait until the end of the round to take you to your prize...interrupting the game play to do so frankly annoyed me and got me out of my groove.
*Same with the soon as you find the last piece it takes you to the postcard minigame, interrupting your match 3 game.

Hope this helps some of you fish and if you like this kind of game you should give it a try. It was cute.

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