Level Replay

[Post New]by pam72149cunningh on Dec 25, 14 9:11 AM
How do you replay a hand or a level. Pam

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Re:Level Replay

[Post New]by Valdy on Dec 25, 14 5:25 PM
Hi Pam

If you want to replay a whole level (day), you go back to the Advent Calendar, and click on the day you want to replay. You will not get any more coins when you replay a day, though.

To replay a hand only, click on "Menu" while you still have the hand on the table, and then click on "Restart Level".

The level/hand restarts are not very well implemented. I didn't know I could replay a hand until I clicked on the "Menu" button to quit the game.


Re:Level Replay

[Post New]by pam72149cunningh on Dec 27, 14 6:25 PM
thanks Valdy, goy it.

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