Stuck on hidden objects in lighthouse jail

[Post New]by EmmyS1972 on Dec 25, 14 12:50 PM
I'm in the jail cell after giving Michael the ring. I'm working on the hidden object puzzle in the hanging cage. I have all objects except the feather. I cannot find it for the life of me. I've tried using the hint, and it points me down out of the hidden object, and says Come Back to This Later. But when I'm outside of the cage, I try the hint again to show me what to do next, and it points me right back to the hidden object cage.

What am I missing? I have two of the pieces for the door, and there are no other active areas in the cell.

EDIT: forgot about the skeleton; that's still active. But I don't have a key or anything else in my inventory, so I can't unchain it.

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Re:Stuck on hidden objects in lighthouse jail

[Post New]by WingWalker on Dec 26, 14 10:31 PM
There is a zoom in area in the centre of the screen (Helmet). The feather is in there.

As for the skeleton, check out its jaw. The third piece of the puzzle is there. You need to use the "church key". An unusual name for something that looks like a bottle opener!

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Re:Stuck on hidden objects in lighthouse jail

[Post New]by lil_chickadee on Feb 1, 15 4:40 AM
Just had to reply about the "church key". That's what I've always called those bottle/can openers with a blunt cap flipper on one end and a pointy hole-puncher on the other. It's the accepted term for them where I come from (West Virginia). Perhaps it's a regional (or *ahem* older) term that people from other places (or of a more tender age than I) haven't heard before. I know that all the Californians I work with, young and old, looked at me like I was daft the first time I asked if anyone had a church key. But the young girl from Michigan was as amazed as I was that no one else had heard it called that.


Re:Stuck on hidden objects in lighthouse jail

[Post New]by Darek_Rusin on Feb 2, 15 10:41 AM
Hey lil_chickadee,

Our team is mostly based in Poland, but the writer responsible for these texts is from Pennsylvania so it must be something common there as well. At least I hope she's not the only one in the area to know this term

Either way -- languages are hard! C'est la vie... or something

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