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Lydia's Room - Fire Token

[Post New]by sville on Dec 27, 14 10:25 AM
I'm stuck in the book in Lydia's room. I have put out the fire, but nothing happens when I click on the arrow to pick up the fire token. The hint keeps pointing to the fire truck, but all the fire is out except that behind the token. Does anyone know how to get through this?

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Re:Lydia's Room - Fire Token

[Post New]by judithannegg on Jan 2, 15 7:44 AM
I think you go up the fire pole. Did you try that? I am frustrated with forums because almost all of them are locked! I just bought the game a couple days ago and now feel left out asking for help. Like I need to start a new discussion when someone could have helped me on the locked ones! Why, why lock them? Just because we didn't buy the game immediately?!

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