Game is way too easy and yet difficult to follow

[Post New]by glitter2goldfish on Dec 28, 14 9:37 PM
What I found about this game is the mini games and puzzles were very easy for the most part and a child could solve most of them. Some were just plain annoying and juvenile. Then in retrospect not all of the actions were very clear. Sparkles appeared in some places but some of the tools you used to advance in the game made no sense what so ever. A lot of to and fro and not much linear progression. A lot of switching from room to room so much so that it was difficult to remember where things were that required action or the use of your inventory tools. Too many 1 of 2, 3 of 3 6 of 6 items that you had to search all over to find before you could use them. Jumping all over the place to retrieve stuff and then not understanding clearly what to do with your inventory items.Some things like drilling a hole in a vat was not something you would think of. Without the hint telling you exactly what to do you would have a hard time guessing what your next move would be. Found I used the hint a lot and I mean A LOT in this game. Very weird game for me and I found it to tedious probably because I didn't know where to go or what to do next throughout most of the game. Because some things were not clear you were lost a lot of the time. Not a game I will play again.

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Re: Game is way too easy and yet difficult to follow

[Post New]by roaming on Apr 30, 15 3:44 PM
Great review, glitter2goldfish. My experience with this game was exactly like yours. Mostly I was just going from one confusing task to the next (going back and forth A LOT), and that's it. I was also using the hint button a lot. Unfortunately, instead of guiding you, the hints tell you precisely what to do. For example, "Put the tomato in the blue box next to the the chair in the back of the conservatory."

This was the second time I played the demo of this game. My original review is in the review thread, which is now locked. My opinion hasn't changed. I still have to give this Grim Tale a rating of No Fun.

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Re:Game is way too easy and yet difficult to follow

[Post New]by FishyFemale on Jul 28, 15 10:20 AM
Although I still liked the game, I was disappointed that I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. The scare factor was almost nonexistent and that's what I was looking forward to, going by the initial reviews and description of the game. I agree with the above posters in their assessments regarding the sometimes illogical train of thought that was needed and the many HOS. My biggest pet peeve was that there were only about four locations in that big house to explore and it seemed that I just kept trekking from one room to another with an occasional visit to go outside for something. And what about Bloody Mary herself? Where did she disappear to? I saw her in one minigame and that was it! I guess my expectations were just too high. I think if you go in with low expectations, you'll really end up liking the game, but for me, it'll be a long time before I decide to play it again.

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