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Level 17 - "Lightening workshop" .. questions

[Post New]by LavonaRann on May 3, 09 3:51 PM
I am stuck on this level never finish it on time ...

a) is the "lighening workshop" the same as a workshop? If not what does one need to do to get one

b) any tips for getting through the level quickly enough

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Re:Level 17 - "Lightening workshop" .. questions

[Post New]by marbleann1 on May 4, 09 10:22 AM
You have to build the workshop. After you build it click on the workshop and the icon comes up for you to buy the efficiency training. I believe it is 75,000 dollars. That's it. Now the workers will work a lot faster. I really do not remember that particular level but I do remember I did not need the lightning workshop to get through it. But if you want get through the later levels it helps a lot.

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