Stuck with the Wand of Dominion and the Earth emblem?

[Post New]by Darek_Rusin on Dec 29, 14 2:13 AM
Guys, there is a bug in the game (as described by theswede in "craven purple moon" thread) where you might get stuck with the fisherman telling you to get a weapon to use against Michael, even though you already have one. Just today we were able to finally track it down and it looks like it happens when you do things in a very specific, unusual order (this has never happened in our testing). In short: if after learning that you need a weapon you AVOID the port location (i.e. skip it using fast-travel option on the map) and you go there ONLY when you already have the Wand of Dominion -- you will encounter this issue.

We are working on a fix and hopefully we'll be able to offer an updated version to Big Fish when they get back to the office after the New Year.

Sorry about it! Hopefully it won't be a problem for most people.

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Re:Stuck with the Wand of Dominion and the Earth emblem?

[Post New]by theswede on Jan 5, 15 10:11 AM
the map only allows you travel within the town you half to be on the light house island to have map for that. I really hope you get a fix I would like to finish the

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