Blake Avenue, Queens - Bar

[Post New]by Katastrophykate on Dec 29, 14 11:14 AM
I have become stuck. After entering the bar. Listening to the oh so long dialogue from the bar fly I follow Patti to the toilet. I pick up the paper towel and spray bottle. I open the window. I see the outside. I click to the right of the window, can't see a padlock but am told it is old and rusty. I go back to the bar. I try to speak with Patti - then nothing! No dialogue and can't get back out of the scene. Have to stop and restart game. I can pick up the fork. I can pick up the gum. I can pick up the oil bottle. I can pick up the screwdriver. I can't speak to Patti or the barman. I can't open the footrest. I have the batteries. I can't work out what I may have missed. Help please!


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