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Finding those last Mistletoes?

[Post New]by oliversgranny on Jan 1, 15 9:17 AM
Really enjoyed this Game
I think it was a shame re the Mosaics though
I had to redo the game twice before I finally managed to complete all the Puzzles without hint
last thing for me is to find 2 missing Mistletoes
I just cannot get these last 2.
The end was a bit weird too.
all in all it is unusual for me to want to go and repeat a Game so soon to finish it all so that showed me how much I enjoyed it

I have 2 HOS with no Mistletoes found so I can only presume they are in there somewhere

Can anyone else who has perhaps found them all confirm that there are any HOS without any Mistletoes?
The last one I did didnt have one for me,the door one
The other one was the cupboard under the stairs,the 2nd time

happy Gaming in the new year to all



Re:Finding those last Mistletoes?

[Post New]by fokziu on Jan 7, 15 3:57 AM

I can confirm both that there are indeed 70 mistletoes in the game (some of the are soooo hard to spot...) and that there is a hidden object scene without a mistletoe (the second time you have to look for stuff in the cupboard of the old Motel)

Spoiler alert:
The hardest one for me was in the sewers (the one with the ladder) on your right side in the top corner there is a mistletoe sticking out of the green bricks... I somehow missed this one every time I played.

I would upload the picture if I could but unfortunately I don't see a possibility.

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