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List of Items, Rooms and Collections

[Post New]by shercat486 on Jan 1, 15 10:01 AM
I have completed the list of items in each collection (see below). I also have a list the items by room. If anyone wants it just send me a message.

Here is a list of the collections A-F.

Collection Items-
A Bigger Boat Harpoon Balloon Iron Cage Buoy
Abrahams Joke Rat Tooth Pinch of Ash Spider Dead Flowers
Abraham's Letter Wooden Stake Cross Holy Water Garlic
Abrahams Rarity Night Orchid Artificial Stone Abyssal Slug Common Kniorit
Achates Great Dane Shepard Rottweiler Doberman
Aqua Vitae Phoenix Tear Dragon's Claw (writing) Mandrake Juice Unicorn's Blood
Baseball Player Baseball Bat Glove Helmet Ball
Blackjack Caravan Spherical Horse The Dwarf Guards
Blimp Air Balloon Propeller Seats Ladder
Bone Crusher Werewolf's Bone Cosmic Stone Dragon's Vein Virgin's Tear
Book of the Prophecies Aztec's Scroll Nostradamus's memiors Phoaroh's parchment Signs of the Zodiac
Bouquet Rose Tulip Orchid Snowdrop
Box of Cigars Havana Swiss Cigar Mexican Cigar Cuban Cigar
Broken Compass Sparrow Bandana Pistol Rapier
Cardinal Signs Stone 1-4
Chosen Sun Glasses Leather Coat Red Pill Machine Gun
Christmas Present Glass Ball Christmas Tree Santa Claus Snowflake
Clockwork Dancer Dancer Gear Bell Button
Crampus Unfinished Cake Bitten Chocolate Hare Slivers Ripped Cover
Crystal Ball Coffee-grinds Tarot Cards Runes Burnt Candle
Cube of the Haradreams Wooden leg Two-legged cow Butcher Pentagram
Detective's Shadow Cap Pipe (smoking) Violin Hand Glass
Dining Kit Knife Fork Spoon Plate
Dragon Fire Element Scale Ancient Bone Snake Eye
Dress Up Pants Shirt Tie Shoes (brown)
Espresso Cup Coffee Beans Coffee Grinder Jezve Cinnamon
Face of Terror (Fear) Bladed Glove Machete Chainsaw Tricycle
Field Cook's Toolset Cauldron Soup Ladle Tin Plate Carving Board
Fruitsalad Banana Strawberry Orange Kiwi Fruit

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Re:List of Items, Rooms and Collections

[Post New]by shercat486 on Jan 1, 15 1:22 PM
Collection Items part 2 G to O-

Golden Jockey Hat (jockey) Whip Boots Amazon
Good Wizard Heart Brain Yellow Bricks Shoes (straight)
Grandma's Pie Knitting Rocking Chair Glasses Plaid
Griffin's Egg Hawk's Egg Crocodile Egg Snake's Egg Dinosaur Egg
Harp of Harmony Salamander Merman Fairy Stone Man
Hildegard's Crossbow Crossbow Stock Bow String Bolt Silver Arrowhead
Hildegard's Emblem Shield Sword (fat - pointed up) Knight's Blood Prayer
Hildegard's Sword Haft Guard Sword Knot Blade
Hunter's Mixture Plantain Wolf's Blood Bear's Heart Griffin's Fang
Hunter's Set Rhino Horn Lion's Fang Elephant Trunk Monkey's Hand
Hunter's Soup Quail Hare Boar Deer
Hunting Kit Hunting Cape Hunting Boots Hunting Belt Game-bag
Icarus's Wings Wax Feathers Eagle's Heart Sailcloth
Ice Cream Ice Jelly Milk Spoon
Invitation to the Ball Fan Half-mask Shoes (tipped) Evening Gown
Knight Portrait Head Sketch Shoulder Sketch Chest Sketch Legs Sketch
Locomotive Gears (2) Key Pipe Firepot
Love Letter Sleep Medication Vial of Poison Dagger Sheet of Paper
Lucky Coin Foot of a Rabbit Clover Adder Stone Horseshoe
Magic Foam Hair Ribbon Hair Comb Hair Grip Hairpin
Magic Wand Fire Goblet Basilisk Prisoner Round Glass
Master Plaque Tiger Pose Snake Pose Crane Pose Ape Pose
Medium's Circle Chalk Black Candle Red Candle White Candle
Mermaid's Necklace Pearl Algae Seahorse Coral
Moonlight Mask Plumage Half of a Helmet Bronze Metal Cutter Bottle of Moonlight
Moonstone Ray of Light Stone Earth's Energy Topaz
Necklace Diamond (white) Ruby Sapphire Emerald
Odin's Helmet Spear Crow Black Dog Hammer

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Re:List of Items, Rooms and Collections

[Post New]by shercat486 on Jan 1, 15 3:06 PM
List of Collections part 3 P to End-

Philosopher's Stone Stone (Gray) Diamond (lt blue) Fire (Flame) Tar
Pirate Sabre Ducat Eye Patch Medallion
Pistol Bullets Barrel Trigger Cylinder
Polyjuice (Reverse Potion) Moonstone Wolf's Fang Verbena Drop of Blood
Prince Page-boy Esquire Knight Yeoman
Royal Musketeer Court Sword Musket Hat (Musketeer) Mousetache
Secret Message Paper Orange (2) Burning Coal Iron
Silverware Silver Fork Silver Knife Silver Glass Silver Plate
Skelton Key Picklock Crowbar Stethoscope Hand Drill
Solar System Planet Star Asteroid Satellite
Statue of Fromm Feather Green Ink Roll of Parchment Andy's Book
Steel Claw Training Staff Bag of Olives Chain Two Clay Pots
Substantial Lunch Lagman Roast Salad Tea
Sword in the Stone Round Table Crown Wizard's Hat Throne
Symbol of Enlightenment Pyramid Eye Baphomet Declaration
Symbol of the Arts Final Judgment Mona Lisa Dona Velata Magdalene
Syrum of Truth Honey Air Crystals Iris Leaves Coneflower
Tea Set Half a Cup Top Hat Butter Pocket Watch
The Elements Pentagram Matches Water Sand Iron Coin
Time Machine White Robe Automobile Locomotive Chronometer
Triumph of Science Wheel Fire (Torch) Bar of Steel Book
Vampires pleasure Bundle of Darkness Wiil-o-the-wisp 3/4 AB+
Watch Dog Kennel Chain Collar Bowl

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Re:List of Items, Rooms and Collections

[Post New]by moonryu on Jan 4, 15 10:25 AM
Thank you for this listings. It is very helpful.

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