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Another simple solution, now Challenges10 and also a level for Achievements

[Post New]by hraili on Jan 1, 15 12:39 PM

1. Demolish 2 Fountains.
2. Hire 3 Workers (now 6).
3. Upgrade 3 Cabins and add Gardens.
4. Demolish 1 Cabin and replace with a Sawmill, produce 50+100 Wood and restore the Bridge.
5. Summon 2 Workers to each Gold Mine and chop the Trees.
6. Produce 250+100 Wood, the demolish the Sawmill and replace with a Market.
7. Buy Food 3x250 and feed the Glutton, continue buying Food until you have 500.
8. Build 2 Fountains.

And, BTW, I got 3 stars though I didn't pay the Pirate a dime!
So, another level for Achievement: A King Does Not Negotiate

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