Mahjongg Garden to Go Needs Updating 2015

[Post New]by Saunnylu on Jan 3, 15 12:23 PM
This is such a fun game and it needs developer attention and updating now in year 2015. Display resolution needs serious attention. I've missed playing it for Years now. Developers, please take a thorough look at the inner workings of this game and update it to Windows 8+ settings. Thanks.


Re:Mahjongg Garden to Go Needs Updating 2015

[Post New]by MLS_MLS on Jan 31, 15 9:13 PM
I fully concur. The game freezes, terminates with error messages. When it freezes, it's impossible to get out when you're in full screen mode. You often can't even get to task manager to shut it down.

I've contacted customer service, and they sent me a convoluted "fix" that involved finding the game files on my computer and changing something. There should really be an updated release that doesn't freeze or crash in the first place, with the permissions or whatever set appropriately.


Re:Mahjongg Garden to Go Needs Updating 2015

[Post New]by valarieathornton on May 31, 15 12:39 AM
bought the game on 5-30-2015, i can not get it to work. i have tryed over and over again. order #236122116. error code 1402. can you please help

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