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Stop Time to complete levels and get 3 stars

[Post New]by unclepaul on Jan 3, 15 4:23 PM
The main problem I found was not having a reference picture to check.
Solution- In options set to windowed mode. then when you have the small image showing with the number of keys down the right side do a screen grab Control Alt PrintScreen works for me. Then paste this into Paint (comes with Windows) or a similar graphics program (Irfanview).
You then have a small image to compare which only shows about 80-90% (not edge to edge) so a bit of guessing is required for edge pieces.
I completed but did not place the last piece. Then did another screen capture and saved that image in a folder under the level number. Then completed the puzzle to gain one star. Repeated with all 20 levels in a location.
Now you can load that saved all but completed image in Paint / Irfanview and have a much larger image to compare.
As you start the puzzle, and the first lot of pieces appear click outside the game screen and the timer will stop.
You can then take your time comparing the pieces and see where they need to go. Then click the puzzle and the tick to start the timer again and quickly place at least 2 - 3 pieces and then click outside to stop the time gain.
By repeating this you can easily complete the game. For a few I had to purchase the extra 30 seconds.
I bought into the last Black Castle as the number of keys didn't seem to work.
Now have 3 gold keys on all levels and now have to go back and use money on hints as I rarely used one before.
Not sure what the award Conjurer's Staff requires - 5 levels in Raw without Mistakes. or does that mean 5 levels in a row without mistakes??

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Re:Stop Time to complete levels and get 3 stars

[Post New]by burf90 on Mar 8, 15 2:57 PM
Yes, it's five levels in a row. This developer has made that same mistake on every single game they have produced so far. You'd think someone would let them know that it's the wrong word and they would correct it. I can see it in a single game, but game after game?

Other than that, it's a good game. It would be better with an untimed option, but still a good game. (I hate not being able to get all the trophies in any game and the timer means I never will in this game. I don't want to play every level 100 times to beat a stupid timer.)

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