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Earning more experience tip

[Post New]by Shirazee8 on Jan 4, 15 6:11 AM
Being on high 60s levels it was taking me ages to earn enough experience to level up and thought I would never reach the achievement of level 75, so decided to have a rethink. I remembered reading about buying resources for some mini-games & actually earning more money than you paid out.

I looked at a few games in Gizmotek Industrials & decided on the Pocket Dragon Enclave. As I am on level 5 for this minigame a standard game earns 1290 bolgins (a profit of 90 bolgins for each game after buying 2 balls of yarn.)

To maximise experience I tend to play for 30 minutes using Ran's Travel Guide to give 10% extra experience. My touchscreen laptop is great for this simple minigame, I just managed 135 games in the 30 minutes, netting me 106,920 experience plus an extra 12,150 bolgins over and above what I paid for the yarn. I'm now well in to level 72 so that level 75 doesn't feel quite so far away (the the experience needed for each level rises dramatically each time - 530,580 needed to reach level 73 )

At least this gives me something else to do other than feeding the chest while waiting for the next update

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Re:Earning more experience tip

[Post New]by barbarasofie on Jan 4, 15 12:32 PM
Hey, I do just the same with funghi hut: spending my engergy on Treasure Vault and Black Bull, buying funghi tiles (much cheaper than yarn) and earning experience that way. I'm not feeding that bl... chest anymore. But anyway, hope dies last, and perhaps we'll have an update in the next weeks (months?)

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