Level 3 HO puzzle

[Post New]by peppermint48 on Jan 4, 15 9:50 AM
Is there a place where you can go to that helps you to find all items needed to complete this level? I can only find maybe 80% of the items needed and then it's just starring at the picture and not seeing the rest of the pieces. Can you tell me if there is such an place and if so where would I fing it. I like the game but have been stumped by this puzzle for a long time and would like to be able to go further. When I use the hint button I get 1 hint only, which goes to the warriers torso and then nothing. If I can go no further there is no sense keeping the game.
Thank you

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Re:Level 3 HO puzzle

[Post New]by libbyb54nc on Jan 11, 15 1:03 PM
The hint button does regenerate, just give it probably half a minute and you can use your hint again.


Re:Level 3 HO puzzle

[Post New]by peppermint48 on Feb 5, 15 4:34 PM
libbyb54nc Thank you for your response. I have waited longer than you suggested and when you hit hint button it says there are no more hints. I guess I need to go get my glasses changed since I can't find everything needed. Lol If you or anyone has any other suggestions I would be appreciative for the help.

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