Cut The Rope: Time Travel: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

[Post New]by xuankienkt on Jan 5, 15 7:29 PM
Everyone loves Om Nom. He needs his candy, but it can sometimes prove challenging to get that sweet piece of candy over to him. Cut The Rope: Time Travel is the latest entry in the series and this time, you’re trying to help feed Om Nom’s ancestors. Now there are stages that task you with feeding more than one monster mouth.

Sounds pretty taxing, huh?

Well, we know how hard this game can get at certain points. We’re here to push you along to those three stars so you’ll get the most out of this game’s many stages. Here’s 10 tips, cheats and stage walkthroughs that are sure to help you along the way.

1. Stay Aware of the Bomb’s Effects

The Bomb is one of the latest items that make an appearance in this version of the game. It’s best to pay attention to the outline of a level when there’s a bomb involved. Bombs explode once they touch anything in a stage, plus they push any swinging objects outward instead of inward. When you spot those bombs, it’s best to figure out what object you’ll need to target ASAP.

2. Use The Freeze Button to Make Candy Dropping Easier

The Freeze button comes in handy for a variety of different situations. Whenever you use it, the game pauses and all objects that were in motion will lost all momentum. In one case, if a bubbled candy is moving right over an Om Nom’s mouth then hit the Freeze button. You can pop that balloon, take the Freeze effect off then have an easier time transporting it to the mouth of your hungry Om Nom. The Freeze feature kills momentum for various properties. Remember that.


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