Stuck in Midas's room and can't get out

[Post New]by niktem on May 10, 09 1:27 PM
I found all of the items in the room. I put the flowers together and got the perfume. But I keep gettin the messang to find the missing item. I tried sigining off and bringing the game back up again but the only thing that happens is that midas drops his golden ball and cracks the floor. I have clicked on everything I can see. I used the walk through but it wasn't any help. I tried using a hint but the message is that I have found everything. Is there something I can do to move on or do I have to start all over?

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Re:Stuck in Midas's room and can't get out

[Post New]by BinLA on May 11, 09 8:53 AM
Did you place all the flowers and all the tiaras?

It's been a while since I played, but you exit through the hole in the ground. I can't remember if Midas drops a ball to create the hole or not. If you've placed all the flowers and the tiaras, click on the hole to see if it lets you exit.

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