The Exiled Prince

[Post New]by gudrunw on Jan 6, 15 1:41 PM
I know this game is ancient , but I really enjoy playing it. Except I can not find that crown for the little frog in the cave keeping a door locket. I have tried many times , days to find a way, even consulting the walk through at almost every step. Still no joy.
I don't know if anyone is still playing these old games. Some are really cool, some can't touch the new ones
So, anyone out there hear me????

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Re:The Exiled Prince

[Post New]by rhonayotte on Jan 6, 15 4:55 PM

You cannot get the frog's crown the first time you play the game.

After you play the game the first time, play again with the same profile in hard mode and you will get the crown in your inventory.

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