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Upgrade / Enhancements Suggestions

[Post New]by moonryu on Jan 7, 15 12:34 PM
The following would be really nice upgrades / enhancements -- to improve playability and overall enjoyment of the game.

1) Fix the duel reference / name between Workshop and Labatory.
2) Remove all references to energy including the popups that say energy recovers over time. These just bog down the game having them.
3) Fix the population of the what is found when completing the HOS scenes. Sometime the rewards box is empty and yet, when the window is closed items show up.
4) Change the rooms display so that all the rooms show up in the window without having to scroll down.
5) Enable click link from the goals to the HOS / Room that needs to be done to get the goal. Additionally if the goal item is not found, don't drop back to the room selection screen immediately but allow the player to stay in the room so they can play it again. This would remove several clicks.
6) Either Reduce the # of items needed to get into the Crypt & the Sorceress Room or increase the frequency those items can be found. I ended up after hours of play just deciding to pay for the goal to be finished with coins. Very frustrating.

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