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Tips and Tricks for Something Special

[Post New]by bfgBering on May 11, 09 12:52 PM
Color match – Look in like colored areas for items on your list…an apple may be hidden on a red wall, for example. Most objects in the game are hidden like this!

Hints – Hints recharge over time, so use them when necessary!

Trophy Hunt – Still missing a few trophies? Try a higher difficulty level…more trophies become available, and they are all possible on Hard difficulty!

These are just a few ideas to help you out in Something Special. Feel free to add your own!


Re:Tips and Tricks for Something Special

[Post New]by stupergenius on May 13, 09 2:23 PM
Replayable Levels - As you progress through the game, you can come back to the Replay menu - from the main menu - and play levels again that you have already unlocked. Levels can be unlocked simply by beating them on any difficulty level. Once you be the level that unlocks the signpost, you can play any of the levels in that chapter, on any difficulty level you choose. This is a great way to go back and get the trophies you missed if you were playing on Easy or Medium difficulties. Just make sure to change your profile difficulty to hard through the profile edit menu, where Zoe will tell you about each difficulty level.

Varying Difficulties - The game is playable on three distinct difficulty levels; Easy, Medium, and Hard. In the create and edit profile menus, Zoe will give you a similar summary of the difficulty levels, but they are reprinted here for convenience.
Easy - The items are the easiest to find. There is also no level timer so you can take as long as you like to find the items. The hints take the least time to recharge.
Medium - The items are more difficult, and there is a 10 minute timer on all the levels. The hints take longer to recharge, so you get fewer per level.
Hard - You will need to find the hardest items in each level. The level timer shortens to 5 minutes, and hints take the longest to recharge, so you get even fewer per level. This is the only difficulty where you are able to earn the 12 expert trophies throughout the game. This is the difficulty for seasoned HOG players and those looking to unlock all the extras in the game.

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Re:Tips and Tricks for Something Special

[Post New]by stupergenius on May 13, 09 2:29 PM
Trohpies - There are two types of trophies awarded throughout the game. It is possible to get them all through a single playthrough by playing on the Hard difficulty setting for your profile. It is also possible to get them by playing levels separately through the Replay menu. There are a total of 20 trophies in the game.
Story Trohies - These trophies are awarded as you progress through the story, on any difficulty level. These trophies are items you get from the characters in the story, and they range from dead plants, to sea shells. They usually have a significance in the story to the person that gives them to you. Once you have beaten the game, you will have all of these trophies. There are a total of 8 story trophies.
Expert Trohpies - These trophies are only awarded on the Hard difficulty setting. See above for a summary of this difficulty. You can get these trophies by either playing through the story, or by playing the levels separately from the Replay menu. The trophies are only awarded for the levels named on the signpost however, and there is an expert trophy for each of those levels. So for instance, to get the salt and pepper shakers trophy, you will need to complete the "Salt and Pepper Museum" level on Hard. There are a total of 12 expert trophies.

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