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Squirrel Cage Missing Bar

[Post New]by an81angel on Jan 8, 15 6:12 PM
I have gone over the strategy guide walk through about this and I dont have the 4th bar needed to complete the cage.

My squirrel cage has 3 bars on the front blocking the squirrel in. Int eh walk through guide it shows the 4th bar sitting near the #5 snowball target, but in my game the bar is NOT there. I have progressed to the part with giving the Acorns to the squirrel with no way to get the squirrel out. I have reset the puzzle and still no bar. i try to move the other 3 bars and they just jiggle in place but wont move.

What am i supposed to do. There is not enough information and the pictures are misleading.

Please help thank you!


Re:Squirrel Cage Missing Bar

[Post New]by cjleavitt on Jan 9, 15 11:39 AM
throw the snowballs at the pictures until you get Blue...moon; Blue...deer; Blue...F symbol; and Red...8, then the rod comes out. Had the same problem.


Re:Squirrel Cage Missing Bar

[Post New]by teri7513 on Mar 11, 15 4:24 PM
I still can't get the last bar and the squirrel out Anyone else?

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