Changing the time limit

[Post New]by j0000jane on May 13, 09 10:59 AM
I know with some games like Fairway Solitaire you can go into the read me and change the requirements to pass levels. Does anyone know if you can change the time to an hour or such for completelng the levels of Deep Voyage?


Re:Changing the time limit

[Post New]by morbiousx on Sep 6, 09 7:59 AM
No.. But I wish.. The game is good but the time limit sucks and I'm stuck about 1/2 way thru it cause of it and don't play anymore cause not enough time or not enough bonuses to complete the level's

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Re:Changing the time limit

[Post New]by missy12 on Sep 6, 09 8:06 AM
sorry can,t help you never played it.

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