Could someone please help!!!!

[Post New]by rehcaet on Jul 27, 08 6:33 AM
My 8 year old son is stuck on the red and blue wire of the lightbulb. He is so frustrated... I am not sure if the black tape is the electrical tape... Could someone please help???? Thank you in advance

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Orca Whale
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Re:Could someone please help!!!!

[Post New]by cesse47 on Jul 27, 08 7:04 AM
rehcaet, sorry I can't help directly. I only play 1 kid at a time and haven't finished the game ... and for some reason remember only a little about each kid. There is a walkthrough. You can Google: the clumseys walkthrough cheats
... Look for a link with game and z in the name. The walkthrough is on the tips and tricks tab.
... Good Luck

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Re:Could someone please help!!!!

[Post New]by p5ct on Jul 29, 08 8:17 PM
I here you about being fustrated! I have tried finding walk throughs,even cotacted Big fish I still can not figure out where this dumb pole goes or how the thing attaches.I am on only 2nd kid!


Re:Eye pieces on the Titanic

[Post New]by yug1og1irl on Dec 4, 08 6:24 PM
As I recall, the eye pieces just click into place when you find their destinations. Both are near the top of the picture. One is next to the captain's hat or something like that on a hook. I don't recall what to do with the screw driver if anything. It may be that you have to find the screwdriver in order to get to the screen for putting the eye pieces back.

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Re:Could someone please help!!!!

[Post New]by golfdiva1 on Aug 1, 11 10:14 AM
Here is the link for a walkthrough:

Go to: