Sea Journey

[Post New]by pb227808 on May 15, 09 3:05 AM
I believe that sea journey is unfair and in favour of the programmers who wrote it. When changing levels at the moment going from the corsier to the specters, you get to have a number of shots which might vary from what you think is three and turns out to be two or you get four then all of a sudden when the screen changes because there are no more moves you end up losing two games. The best is when the game has its turn, you have had just three shots and the game has it's three which turns into nine shots by the way of a lock-out from the game and its gives itself more games this happens normally when you are beating the game it goes into failure mode then weakness mode and you loss all your score and you need to go back to the village and restart. But there is even a better idea they have given them selves the tokens that you win are normally two or three, then you look at the games tokens they usually have two to three more. So unless this game is a one off mistake or is it designed to piss the players off and never play it again and my son age nine believes there is something wrong and does not want to trust Big Fish Games because the sell games that don't play fair. I thought the games are there so you find out the clues you are given and solve them or try and get to the end of the game with the highest score.

i am not that smart and i am just your average person and i believe every body should be on the same playing field as i said at the start this could be a rouge program or one that just has problems and should be rectified. or it's the compatability from the US to Australia that has the program worried. It would be nice to get through and see how far i get without the program changing the rules everytime it is getting beaten. So if some has any other problems with this game please let me know and to those at Big Fish games if this keeps happening to your games then you might find a reduction in people buying your games. Yes i am from Australia.

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