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Please Post Reviews for Lucky Luke: Shoot & Hit Here

[Post New]by Janette5 on Jan 13, 15 2:27 AM
First of all this is not a time management game as it says on the front page! This game is a puzzle game similar to Tennis in the face.

At the top of your screen you are given the objects you need to knock down - mostly tin cans. At the bottom of your screen you are given a set number of bullets you have with which to knock them down. This game is not timed, so you can take your time deciding.

In this game you need to click on the screen to topple all the objects that have to be knocked down. They turn green when they are toppled. How well you do this will determine how many stars you get. Now this game has a lot of strategy in that you don't always click a can, you sometimes click (shoot at) a ball, a pulley, a piece of wood. It also matters where you click on the can as it will determine its direction. The puzzles seem very well made and are interlinked with pulleys, large balls etc.

I didn't personally like the graphic style of this game, but it fits the theme of the game and I can overlook that. I'd also warn you that it looked like one couldn't continue until you pass a level so you might get stuck trying a level several times before continuing.

My only concern was that this game was averaging me a minute a level and with only 100 levels that is going to be a rather short game. Of course one could replay the levels many times to try and get three stars and that would make it a much longer game.

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Re:Review for Lucky Luke

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Jan 13, 15 7:10 AM
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Re:Please Post Reviews for Lucky Luke: Shoot & Hit Here

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jan 13, 15 7:07 PM
Time Management?? Its not really, is it? From reading the description over in the store, it certainly doesn't appear to be.

I actually find this type of graphic cute & fun but the game containing the graphics has to be not uhh... adjective.

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Stuck on level 13

[Post New]by woemwoem on Jan 14, 15 8:23 AM
Cannot get past level 13, any suggestions would be appreciated!
Thank you.


Re:Please Post Reviews for Lucky Luke: Shoot & Hit Here

[Post New]by ElizabethR1533 on Jan 17, 15 5:21 AM
The graphics are several years old, as are the sound effects. After the first level, I couldn't get 3 stars, as obviously you had to hit a certain can for it to cascade to knock the others over. Working that out was boring, as it seemed to have nothing to do with skill, and 100% luck.
This reminds me of those games you can get free all over the internet, and have been able to do for years. And enjoyable for about 5 minutes max, then get bored. There is a reason why these type of games are all over for free.

(Time management? Seriously? How desperate must BF be to pretend this is a TM game to those people who don't like HOG's?)

Er......no buy for me.

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