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expert mode 4.11

[Post New]by puzzleguy on Jan 13, 15 2:38 PM
Took forever - expert timing on everything

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Re:expert mode 4.11

[Post New]by JB4510 on Feb 6, 15 6:12 AM
Could someone please elaborate? This bonus level 4, correct? I think I am missing out on a trick or something, because no matter what I try, I always missing gold time by two pieces of wood. Is it to do with the order in which you build mills? Or perhaps the way in which you use the bonuses (e.g. speed, pause, etc.). Thanks

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Re:expert mode 4.11

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Feb 7, 15 7:50 AM
The key to Level 4.11 is to avoid the Stone Bridge (and Overgrown Barrier) on the right as well as the Pit and Gold pile in the center. I used the “Run Faster” Bonus most of the time. I used the “Stop Clock” Bonus a couple of times when it came available.

I would pre-click on the producing pads so the resource would be picked up as soon as possible. The general order of tasks was as follows:

- Pickup Food piles around Home and clear the Road Blocks to open path to the first Workshop, Megara, and the Producing Bush
- Activate Bush and build first Workshop
- Clear path to second Workshop and Gold Pile next to first Workshop
- Clear Titans Fang and upgrade first Workshop
- Pick up three Wood Piles across Hanging Bridge
- Build the second Workshop
- Repair Hanging Bridge and pickup Wood and Gold
- Upgrade first and second Workshop, upgrade the second Workshop again
- Clear Titan’s Tooth and pickup Wood
- Clear the remaining three Road Block between the Home and the Stone Bridge
- The priority is always to pick up Wood Piles on the two producing Pads before other steps

I was able to beat the Developer's Score

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