need more friends

[Post New]by Kiazza on Jan 14, 15 7:49 PM
I have been playing for a bit but I could really use more id is ....a242350..I would really appreciate friend invites!!!! ?

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Re:need more friends

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Jan 15, 15 9:25 AM
Hey Kiazza

Welcome to the forums! It looks like you may be looking for friends to add in Midnight Castle. There's a thread in the Midnight Castle forum that lists Friend Codes from other players, and if you'd like to check it out, I've included the link below:

Friends for Android

A really good tip for that thread is to check the last page, since these are more recent posts, and thus more likely to be currently active players. This thread can always be found in the Helpful Links thread on the front page of the game's forum.

I'm also going to go ahead and move this thread to the Midnight Castle Forum so other players can see your post and add you

Happy Gaming!


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