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The Storyline of Phantasmat: Endless Night (lots of Spoilers, please finish the game)

[Post New]by Wigi on Jan 16, 15 8:47 PM
It's a good game but it could have been a great game.

The premise is good, a terrible accident that kills many and you end up basically laying the "souls" to rest.

It raises the unsettling idea that when life is cut short suddenly, things are left undone. Not an original idea, but one with endless possibilities.

It also had the idea that the battle between life and death was a real one, you have to save your daughter eventhough you yourself died. Again, not original, but it's been used for millenia and can still deliver.

So why did they make such a hash of it overall and then end it so suddenly?

There's a lot of expertise on show in the graphics, the games, the entertainment.
So why are so many games lacking in the easiest element, a coherent story?

Is it so impossible to farm out the ideas to a writer and employ them to make the story make sense?
Have a proper ending, hang the story together so you know who is who, who is doing what and real motivations for all of their actions?

I think they actually realised that they had got a bit lost because in the extras, there's a couple of explanation pages about the characters.

Not asking for Dickens, just your basic ability to tell a proper story.

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Re:The Storyline of Phantasmat: Endless Night (lots of Spoilers, please finish the game)

[Post New]by bobbiejo2 on Feb 5, 15 7:05 PM
I agree that the storyline left much to be desired. The first two Phantasmat games had better plots. This third game in the series did not hold my interest.

Perhaps, Phantasmat is not a game that is should have a series of sequels.

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