Helpful Hints for Bee Garden

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I love this game, so I'm going to post some tips that I hope will be helpful.

Delicious Mix/One of the best recipes:


Another good recipe:

2 Cactus
1 Borage
1 Jasmine
1 Lavender

(Borage, Jasmine, and Lavender are best, but I've also used Buckwheat and Tormentil in place of the final 3 if I didn't have anything else.)

A blooming cactus will kill a ground beetle. If the cactus has nectar on it and the beetle runs by it, the beetle will explode. It's best to plant your cacti in the 4 corners (if you have enough seeds). If you don't have very many seeds, just plant the amount you have on the outer edges of your planters, or put your cheapest flowers around the borders because you won't always see the beetles. Tormentil (yellow flowers) are the cheapest, if I'm not mistaken.

A blooming rose (with nectar on it) will kill a bumble bee.

If you don't complete all your orders, you can still get the expert score on a level. You make more bonus money for completing orders, and you'll get bonus planting spots for completing them. Bonus planting spots make a flower bloom instantly.

Before the timer runs out, pick up all seeds because you'll get $10 for each seed in your bin. This can help you with expert goals.

You can win the Eagle-eyed trophy for finding 1,000 missing parts, so try and get them even if you don't need them for the level.

Smart bees can double your honey production. Strong bees carry enough water for 3 flowers in a row without refilling, and you only need to train them once per day. If you send smart and strong bees to relax, they will be faster smart/strong bees.

Buy the Relax Center before you buy extra pots and send a bee to rest whenever you start a level. If you haven't upgraded the hives and you need the bees for planting, start sending them to rest when you finish your first round of planting.

Buy the Gym before any extra pots or planters.

Buy the Research Lab before any extra pots or planters. This is crucial for some levels if you want to get expert because you'll start some of the later levels with only 3-4 seeds.

Always collect the extra seed parts (pea pod in the upper right of your screen) for 3 bonus seeds. You might not need them, but the extra seeds in your bin will earn you more money at the end of the day.

I will come back to edit any mistakes and add other tips when I finish my current game.

Good luck and happy gaming!

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Re:Helpful Hints for Bee Garden

[Post New]by Blooming_Lilac on Jan 19, 15 3:36 AM
Iris honey is $200 per jar. If there's a recipe including irises, I will post it when I finish the game.

The cactus plant also kills caterpillars. I noticed it doesn't need the nectar to fire its "missiles" at them. If you play with the sound on, you can hear it firing.

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